Breathing at work

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what is a Breath coach?

Breath coaching is a focused practice that teaches individuals how to understand the power of the breath to enhance mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

By training employees in the art of conscious breathing, I will help optimizing breathing patterns, which can significantly reduce stress, improve concentration, and boost energy levels.

This practice is grounded in the science of how controlled breathing not only calms the nervous system but also positively influences the physiological state, leading to better health outcomes. I try to make it entertaining and easy to grasp.

My expertise

My approach to breath coaching is rooted in a holistic understanding of the human body and mind.

I focus on empowering employees to use breathing as a tool to manage stress, enhance concentration, and maintain energy throughout the demanding workday.

My programs are designed to be easily integrated into daily routines, ensuring that all participants can benefit, regardless of their previous experience with breathwork.

By choosing me as your breath coach, your company will not only invest in improving individual employee health but also in elevating overall workplace morale and productivity.


Your current challenges

In today’s fast-paced business world, the modern work environment poses significant stress, with challenges magnified by the shift towards remote work and the ongoing struggle for work-life balance.

These dynamics not only affect mental health but also have a profound impact on physical well-being. Companies are now facing the critical task of implementing effective strategies to ensure their teams can manage these stressors, which in turn affect productivity and overall job satisfaction.

Integrating breath coaching into your corporate wellness program can be a pivotal step towards enhancing employee resilience, promoting mental clarity, and fostering a healthier, more engaged workforce.

I do my best to provide solutions

Reducing stress and anxiety

Minimize workplace stress and anxiety to enhance productivity and decrease absenteeism.

Enhancing Focus and Cognitive Function

Improve concentration and mental efficiency through increased oxygen flow to the brain.

Boosting Energy and Reducing Fatigue

Alleviate workplace fatigue and energize employees by optimizing breathing patterns.

Improving Emotional Resilience

Equip employees with strategies to handle workplace pressures, enhancing their adaptability and resilience.

Supporting Physical Health

Promote better physical health by improving breathing habits, potentially reducing healthcare costs

Promoting Mindfulness and Presence

Encourage mindfulness and a greater presence in tasks, leading to better decision-making and teamwork.

Work-Related Cost Scheme (WKR) | Company tax

In the Netherlands, the Work-Related Costs Scheme (WKR) offers a tax-advantageous way for employers to invest in the health and well-being of their employees. Under the WKR, employers can allocate a certain percentage of the total fiscal wage bill (known as the “free space”) to provide untaxed reimbursements and benefits in kind to their employees. For 2024, this free space is 1.92% of the first €400,000 of the total fiscal wage sum and 1.18% for the excess amount.

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Most frequent questions and answers

First we agree on the length of the program.
Then we plan dates for the whole usually a specific days of the week (e.g every Tuesday morning).
Microsoft Teams is the platform used. I or you generate the link that will be used for your people and myself to log in.

It last between 45 and 60 minutes. 

All the cost and length of the programs are available on request. Send me an email and I will forward the documents to your company.

It can be tailor made to your request, however for the workshops I created it is a minimum of 2 hours. If several teams need to be taking care of, half a day, a whole day or several days can be planned.

You do not need anything I supply whatever is needed for the workshops. I use floor mats, eye covers and blankets. However if you already have the equipment this can be discussed.